Thursday, 30 March 2017

March - slow but steady.

March has not been particularly startling, but it has been steady, looking forward for the spring migration to get going.
Located a Black Redstart at Kildale on 25th March
 The Ring Ouzels return at least one week early with Wheatear
 Lesser Redpoll at Foxglove Covert Catterick on 19th

 Little Owl at Great Ayton

 The Redwing still hanging on on the moors
 Our favourite Tawny Hawnby
If I had a farm it would be called this!
 Some poor Crossbill photos at the Stang on the 12th

Found Waxwing at Chequers on the moors 11th
 Brambling at Hardwick Hall, Sedgefield

 A very rare Red Kite on our NY moors
 Peregrine at Hartlepool on 4th
 Shore Lark still at Headland on 4th