Sunday, 29 June 2014

New kids on the block.

A quiet day on the western moors today with only a few bird about and most of these were juveniles. When we got home we were greeted by another juvenile squeaking in the back garden, this time it was one of our resident Hedgehog kids wandering around the garden!!



A 'Tern' up Day.

First stop on Saturday was a quick visit to Saltholme to see the Roseate Tern which was on Paddy's Pool.
Next we had a walk along the beach at Crimdon to see the Little Tern and there seemed to be quite a few. But not as many as the orchids in the dunes, we have never seen so many.
On the way back a stop off at Newburn and there was the Med Gull on his favourite post.
To end the day we watched the Barn Owl hunting near the River Tees and came across a Little Owl with one of its young.

Little Terns

Roseate Tern
The Stunning Med Gull

Barn Owl
Little Owl

Monday, 23 June 2014

A weekend of contrasts

Saturday saw us pay a visit to Saltholme to see the Temmink's Stint which was view-able at distance from the Saltholme hide. Then on to Sutton Bank to check out the 3 Turtle Doves in the area.

Sunday we had a run over to Smardale, not much doing on the 'Birding' front but managed to see several Northern Brown Argus butterflies and a nice array of Orchids, the highlight for us is always finding Common Lizards in the area.

 Temmink's Stint

Turtle Dove
View to the south of the White Horse at Kilburn.

 Common Blue
 Common Lizard

Northern Brown Argus

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Butterflies to Turtle Doves - nice weekend.

Managed to see a few butterflies on Saturday while the birds were in short supply. Sunday improved on the birding front when we located two Turtle Doves in North Yorkshire.

 Turtle Dove

2! Turtle Doves 
 Bee Orchid
 Cinnabar Moth
 Corn Bunting
 G C Grebe
 Green Tiger Beetle
 Red Admiral

Friday, 13 June 2014

Superb views of Nightjars.

Not been out much of late due to work commitments but we did pay a visit last Friday evening to Wykeham. We had not intended going but as it was a nice evening we decided to have a run out and ended up there. So glad we did as we had a distant view of a Turtle Dove and superb close views of at least five Nightjars without even moving far from the car.  I was amazed when one landed in the tree behind us.  Shame it was getting dark.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Crested Lark and Red-rumped Swallow

While we were enjoying Scotland, David and Becca were on the island of Kos, looks a lovely place. They managed to photograph a few of the local birds etc. for us to drool over.