Saturday, 31 May 2014

Return to Nethey Bridge.

We have just returned from another short break to one of our favourite parts of the UK - Nethey Bridge and the Aviemore area.
Highlight of our trip being watching a pair of short eared owls hunting voles and returning them to at least one youngster which we could see through the scope.  Ptarmigan were easily spotted on the slopes but sadly no Dotterel, from what we can understand we were looking too far away and they were actually right close to the top station, typical.  The Crested Tits were seen but not so easily as normal, we think the Winter is best for them.  The Black Throated Diver was present as normal but sadly only the one Slavonian Grebe was spotted at considerable distance on Loch Ruthven.
Would so love to be a wildlife guide up there.  Can't wait for our next visit.

Taking home dinner.
And here is dinner trying to escape down the road.
A couple of views of the Cairngorms, still with some snow.

Roe Deer
Red Deer
Never seen and heard so many Cuckoos.
Common Sandpiper

Above our bedroom window at the cottage.
Red Squirrel
 Spotted Fly Catchers everywhere.

I think the Black Headed Gulls were picking off most of these wee ones!
Some ducklings but not sure if Goldeneye?
 Mountain Hares

Nest building
Loch Garten

Friday, 23 May 2014


Good to eventually see my first Spoonbill of the year at Seaton Common on Thursday,shame the weather was so poor with torrential rainfall................can't have everything........... Hey Ho!


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Little Stint to Nightjar with some new arrivals on the way!

Started the day by going to see a Little Stint at Hartlepool Headland which was giving some good views. Then down to Saltholme which was a bit quiet but did see Garganey again. Watched on while a Mallard egg was a light snack for a Carrion Crow and Magpie.
After Sylvia had finished work we went over the moors where we saw several moorland birds with their newly arrived chicks. Also managed to find a Spotted Flycatcher which was back on it's territory.
The final visit was to a location near Sutton Bank where we Managed to hear Nightjar 'churring', a good spot as you can hear them from the car and not have to trek across moorland in the dark. A good end to the day.

 Little Stint

Fox - missed the Mallard egg
 Carrion Crow - didn't.
Magpie - cleaning up
Garganey - looking on.
 Golden Plover looking over it's young
 Golden Plover chick
Pheasant chick
 Curlew Chick
Watched over by it's parent
 Red-legged Partridge
Spotted Flycatcher back on territory.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

A good day out at Bolton Abbey.

A very pleasant day out at Bolton Abbey.  Pied and Spotted Flycatchers and Redstart.  Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers but no Wood Warblers.  Lots of Goosanders and Mandarin Ducks on the river together with Dippers and even a Kingfisher which landed high in the trees.  A Tree Pipit also but the highlight of the day has to be the family of Tawny Owls perched in the trees.  An adult with three young together and a further juvenille in the tree opposite.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Getting 'Foxed' at Saltholme

A few hours at Saltholme on Tuesday..........the main attraction was the resident Fox with it's 4 cubs giving some brief views. Also in the area was a Water Vole at the watch point, Little Gull at distance, Yellow Wagtail in the haze, Grasshopper Warbler singing briefly but didn't manage the Wood Sandpiper which remained elusive.


 Sedge Warbler


 Water Vole
Yellow Wagtail