Wednesday, 29 June 2016

26/6/16 Smardale Gill

We gave Smardale Gill a try today to see if there was anything of interest - Northern Brown Argos and common Lizard where out and about but again we were weather limited, just managed to get back to the car before the heavens opened again. Lots of Orchids now in flower.



25/6/16 Hole of Horcum

At last we found a site with at least 20 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries present the weather broke just long enough for us to get some photo's. We also found a Tawny Owl Chick on our way home sat watching us as we passed.



22/6/16 Another trip over the moors

Went out for another trip across our moors, surprised to find another Barn Owl site, the Golden Plover chicks have grown up and a Roe Deer graced us with its presence briefly.


Monday, 20 June 2016

20/6/2016 A Trip to the Coast

Had a trip to the coast to see some of our cliff nesting birds, lots to see and photograph, an enjoyable day out.





Sunday, 19 June 2016

18/6/16 On our Moors.

Had a trip to Scalling Dam but it was very quiet with the exception of Barn Owl which did a very good job of not letting us take it's picture. The Little-ringed Plover were in a couple of spots around the reservoir, but nothing else.
On the way back home we saw masses of rabbits and couldn't help taking a couple of pictures.
We then visited  a couple of places to see Little Owl before getting back home.

 Lapwing chick

 Little Owl

Friday, 17 June 2016

16/6/16 Rubbish Weather again!!

Managed to catch up with Redstart and Barn Owl in our area but the weather and light is so poor ...............the pictures suffer terribly, we need some sunshine!!