Sunday, 24 July 2011

Butterfly Days.

At last some decent weather for the poor butterflies.  Plenty around in our local area yesterday as we took a walk along Hardwick Dene looking for the White Letter Hairstreaks but alas did not locate any.  We did however manage to see Comma, Holly and Common Blue, Specked Wood, Small Heath and Skipper and a Red Admiral.  Today we went back to Smardale Gill and  saw Scotch Argus and Dark Green Fritillary which we had gone to see.  There were also lots of Small Heath and Skipper and Common Blue along with Brown Argus too.
We also came across this shrew on the walk back to the car, cute little chap.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Watch out thieves about.

Fox at Saltholme

Swallows at Holmefleet

When the rain finally stopped at Saltholme reserve there was a prowler in the car park, checking out all the cars.  The resident fox was sniffing around looking for food and not at all bothered about us being there.  The young swallows were sitting being fed by their parents in the evening sunshine.  Not a lot else around but a nice end to a wet day and finished off by a delicious meal at the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge.  If you have not been I can highly recommend it.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Grayling on the wing



Common Terns

Butterflies are a bit thin on the ground at the moment due to this delightful weather but at least the other evening we managed to locate a few Grayling at Dormans Pool.  We also managed to locate yet another Little Owl not far from home.  Wish it was as easy to see a Tawny Owl!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Smardale Gill

Common Blue
Brown Argus ?

Common Lizard
Kirkby Stephen Macaws

Little Owl
We decided to go west yesterday to one of our favourite spots, Smardale Gill and the Viaduct.  It is always a really good walk for spotting butterflies.  It was a reasonably good day, no wind, warm and sunny intervals.  We could not believe the lack of butterflies however.  Apart from Ringlets the only others of note were a couple of Common Blue and what we think may be a Brown Argus but need clarification on that one.  We spotted a Red Squirrel in its drey and a really obliging Common Lizard, and apart from that on the wildlife front it was very quiet although plenty of orchids about.  Called in to see if our local Little Owl was there and sure enough he was.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Visit to Wykeham

Green Woodpecker
 Small Heath
It was a lovely warm day yesterday but we were suprised how few butterflies there were about.  Only saw a few whites, Red Admiral and Small Heath.  We deceided to have a run out to the Wildlife Watchpoint at Wykeham but as we did not set off until well into the afternoon and stopping off lots on the way we didn't arrive until early evening.  There was nothing from the raptor viewpoint apart from Crossbills flying around but we did see what we were sure was a Goshawk as we were driving through the forest.  The road along by the Nursery produced excellent views of three young Green Woodpeckers and we had an excellent view of 1 Turtle Dove which flew just as we were about to get a photo.  Could hear it again but could not locate it.  It was a lovely evening and a lovely day.