Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Redwings galore.

Well the Redwings that have infiltrated our close and front garden finally made it into our small back garden which has a pyracantha loaded with berries. At one point this morning we had at least 15 of them either foraging around in the leaves in the front borders or on the bush in the back. It was a brilliant sight along with the mistle thrush which we had also today. This afternoon we had a run across to Sledale which was pretty bleak and devoid of any sort of life. This evening we watched the film 'Furry Vengenance' which was really funny if you have not yet seen it and another film I can thoroughly recommend is 'The Nativity' which again is also a great laugh and a must for anyone who works in a school. We definately need to improve our nativity performances at school from now on!

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