Sunday, 4 March 2018

The week of 'The Beast From The East'.

What a week it has been.  The weather has been abysmal with snow and very low temperatures.
Travelling to and from work for my son and husband has been anything but good and I was glad each day to know when they had arrived safely.  As for myself, who lives 5 minutes from the school where I work, well we have had three snow days!
This has given me plenty of time to feed and watch the birds in the garden.
Here are a few pictures of our 'firsts for the garden' birds.
We hope you like looking at them.



And a local Barn Owl when we managed to get out yesterday.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Week in the Scottish Highlands

Spent a week in Scotland, Aviemore and Cairngorm area for 7 days, then 2 days on the west coast at Strontian. Brilliant break with some outstanding birds.
8th April - Aviemore
 Bank Vole at Loch Garten

 Nice close Buzzard
 Nice to see the Ospreys back with at least 6 birds in the area.

9th April
 Black Grouse

 Scottish Crossbills at Carrbridge

 Grey Wagtail
10th April
 Ring Ouzel

11th April
 Black-throated Diver

Ring Ouzel
12th April
 Slavonian Grebe

13th April
 Badgers at Speyside

 A surprise visit by Waxwings at Alt More

14th April
 It was a bit wintery on the top of Cairngorm
 Decided t brave the elements and climbed up the mountain to see Ptarmigan and they didn't disappoint - special moment.

 Red Grouse getting in on the act
 The Ring Ouzel was waiting for us when we got down
 Snow Bunting also made an appearance.

15th April - Strontian
 The very 'Twitchable' Black Duck

 Rock Pipit
16th April

 Some nice April scenery

 Hooded Crow
 Meadow Pipit

Wild Mountain Goat