Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Favourite - Grey Phalarope

Having spent the morning horse riding we managed to catch up with the Grey Phalarope late afternoon at the headland.  It showed very well for us as we walked along the pier and although the sun was going down we did manage to get a few reasonable shots before it flew off across the bay.  We called in at Crookfoot Reservoir prior to going to the headland and saw Bean, White Fronted and Pink Footed Geese along with the Smew, although all distant. 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another day at the Gare.

Well the day dawned and seemed rather dull and miserable but we headed off with our picnic to South Gare to meet anyone who was prepared to brave the inclement weather and see what was around.  We were surprised to find that about 15 brave souls turned out with us and by the end of the morning we were probably all glad we had come.  We had a great morning starting off at the cars with Black Guillemot, Red Throated Divers and Merlin and Hen Harrier.  A short walk on the the shoreline produced a Goldcrest and shortly after an obliging Woodcock flew through.  A Reed Bunting and a Lesser Redpoll were by the Gully and then we had excellent sightings of a Short Eared Owl.  3 Twite obliged later in the morning along with the Hen Harrier again.  It was good to spend the morning with a good bunch of folk and meet some new faces and together we managed to find quite a few birds.  A good day was had by all even though we dipped out on the Humes and Black Redstart.  We stayed on well into the afternoon and managed to get further sightings of the Hen Harrier as it quartered the beach before returning to the dunes. 


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birds at South Gare

Went to South Gare to see the Humes Yellow Browed Warbler just in case it has disappeared by the time we visit tomorrow to lead a guided walk around the gare.  If the last time we lead a guided walk is anything to go by then it will absolutely pour down, everyone will get soaked and we will see virtually nothing.  But hey ho it is all part of the fun and hopefully it wont be like that and the weather will be good and we will see all sorts. May take some coffee for everyone just in case. Will let you know tomorrow night.  Anyway back to today, we did see the warbler and good views at that and also three Black Redstarts in the same vicinity.  Also around were some Red Throated Divers, guillemots and a juv. Gannet. 
Humes Yellow Browed Warbler

Black Redstart catching his tea.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day Flying Bat today.

Not a lot of birds about today in the beautiful sunshine but we did see a Bat.  We were up at Crookfoot Reservoir when we noticed something being chased by a Gull.  We were quite surprised to see that it was some sort of Bat.  It flew around the whole time we were there, on one occassion being mobbed by two pied wagtails.  It seemed to be pretty large and certainly did get around pretty quickly.
From there we went over to the Headland where we saw this ringed Purple Sandpiper on the beach with a further 47 on the wall of the pier.

Purple Sandpiper