Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birds at South Gare

Went to South Gare to see the Humes Yellow Browed Warbler just in case it has disappeared by the time we visit tomorrow to lead a guided walk around the gare.  If the last time we lead a guided walk is anything to go by then it will absolutely pour down, everyone will get soaked and we will see virtually nothing.  But hey ho it is all part of the fun and hopefully it wont be like that and the weather will be good and we will see all sorts. May take some coffee for everyone just in case. Will let you know tomorrow night.  Anyway back to today, we did see the warbler and good views at that and also three Black Redstarts in the same vicinity.  Also around were some Red Throated Divers, guillemots and a juv. Gannet. 
Humes Yellow Browed Warbler

Black Redstart catching his tea.

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