Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all.

My little friend
who visits every day

and one who has only visited the once - the Redwing.

Wishing everyone who reads our blog a very Merry Christmas. Tried all day to get some good shots of the Robin as it came to feed on dried mealworms and get drinks from our water barrell, which is surprisingly still flowing, but was disappointed at the results but have posted some anyway. When I was out shopping today bought some live maggots for him to enjoy for his Xmas dinner tomorrow. Hope he appreciates the efforts I went to to get them. Also had some Redwings in our shrubs and trees today which is a first for our garden. I have watched them over the past couple of days strip the trees at the end of our close bare of berries and they will probably move on now. Anyway going to prepare my vegetables now and get ready for tomorrow or should I say today as it is already midnight.

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