Sunday, 5 December 2010

Feeding in the snow.

Buzzard eating prey

Brambling at Sutton Bank
Chaffinch in the snow

Nowhere to rest
Snow stone walls
Up to here knees in it.

Enjoying the berries
We decided to go and see how much snow was around the area and see what we could find in the process. We had a run up to Sutton Bank Visitor Centre which was very quiet in deed but plenty of snow around the centre, and plenty of small birds at the feeding station including at least 2 Brambling, it was very picturesque. Travelling from there down to Helmsley we came across a buzzard feeding on what we think was a stoat. Also nearby was a huge flock of birds which we could not identify as we could not find anywhere to stop but were small finch like birds of which there were hundreds. Did some shopping in Helmsley which was also very quiet and then drove back via Chop Gate which was a lovely run through the snow fields. All in all a very pleasant day out.

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