Saturday, 1 June 2013

Aviemore Adventure

Just returned from a few days in Nethey Bridge.  We stayed at a great self catering for two at Balliefurth Farm, just outside of the village.
The weather was not too bad, most days calm with some sunshine some days.  We even managed to get up the mountain on a clear day.  There is still snow which made it very picturesque.
This was my favourite day as we found 3 Ptarmigan and a pair of Dotterel just scanning from the viewing area at the restaurant at the top.
Crested Tits were easy to find and if we had struggled you could always see them on the feeders at the Osprey Centre, if you waited a while they always came.
A Capercaille was showing very near to the road from the village most of the days we were there.
Capercaille -

 Crested Tit
 Black-throated Diver - Lochindorb
 Slavonian Grebe - Loch Ruthven
Common Buzzard

 Common Sandpiper

Red Kite (tag D9) - Loch Ruthven
 Wheatear - the only one we saw all week
 Lesser Redpoll - feeding in cottage garden
 Common Redstart - a lot of them about
Siskin - everywhere
Red Grouse
Common Gull - destroying every Grouse nest in sight.
Short-eared Owl
Osprey on nest - loch Garten
Wood Warbler (a good find)
 Roe Deer

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