Monday, 5 September 2011

I decided to write my list of 20 birds to see next with the hope I would manage some of them at least and low and behold one turns up the next day that being the American Golden Plover.  However the chances of seeing it before it goes are pretty slim as I dont suppose it will hang around until next Saturday when I am off work.  Will record my list here and see how many I can get ticked off (and photograph) within say the next year.

Lesser Yellowlegs
Red Footed Falcon
American Golden Plover
Pacific Golden Plover
Ross's Gull
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Rose Coloured Starling
WhiteThroated Sparrow
Black Winged Stilt
Scarlet Rosefinch
Golden Oriole
Bearded Tit
Red Necked Phalarope
Collared Pratincole
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Sanderking at Newburn
along with Med Gull
Marsh Harriers at Dormans Pool

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