Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bonaparte's but no Plover.

We decided to have a run up the coast this afternoon to see if we could locate one of the birds off my list being the American Golden Plover and at the same time the Bonarparte's Gull at Whitburn.  It was quite windy today but very warm, so much so that the ice-cream we bought in the car park upon our arrival was melting before we could eat it.  We walked along the coastal footpath and one of the first birds we saw was the Bonarparte's Gull sitting on the water below the footpath with a group of Black Headed Gulls.  We walked  on and managed to find a large flock of Golden Plover in a field further along the footpath but were unable to locate the bird we were looking for.  We will have to try again another day.

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