Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Connected at Last

Pine Marten Wild Goat
Slavonian Grebe
Red Deer
Golden Eagle

Black Grouse
Black Throated Diver

Managed to get connected onto the internet here at the hotel but do not know how long it will last so here goes. Having a fabulous holiday but would rather not be on my own, wish the family were here too. If you are reading this I am missing you.

It is brilliant up here at Nethey Bridge - Heatherlea although non stop.

Seen Crested Tit although yet to get a photo. The Slavonian Grebe look stunning in summer plumage and there seem to be Osprey everywhere.

The Pine Marten trip was in a stunning location and the highlight of my holiday so far although I am sure there is more to come especially if we manage to get up the mountains - weather permitting.

Also had a cuckoo today, heard but not seen at Kingairloch.


From Mick !- Well as I said yesterday I can't compete with Sylvia's sightings and pictures from Scotland but just for the record got my first Common Redstart on our moors yesterday. Went back up tonight hoping to get a picture ,no luck. But located an early Pied Flycatcher seen in poor light but brilliant to see.

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