Sunday, 18 July 2010

Here's looking at you!

Little Owl

White Letter Hairstreak

Green Veined White
Dark Green Fritillary
Was tired after the long journey yesterday so decided to stay close to home. Went to Hardwick Dene but did not actually expect to see much because of the strong wind. However we were really pleased to find not one but at least 6 White Letter Hairstreak butterfly - a first for us. We have looked for them before in this location but never managed to find them. We also saw briefly a Sparrowhawk fledgling in the same location as we had seen them last year, very noisy they were too. We then had a run down to Dormans Pool but not many butterflies there apart from a few Grayling. We came home via West Stockton and managed to see a little owl in the usual tree, however we think this may be one of the young ones.
The Dark Green Fritillary were seen again on Saturday as we had a run back up to Hawnby to see if they were still there after Sylvia had been horse riding and there were at least three still present feeding on the heather.

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