Sunday, 30 May 2010

Poor Worms



Pied Flycatcher

Female Redstart
Spotted Flycatcher

Male Redstart

Long Tailed Tit

The poor weather is certainly good for the Thrushes and Blackbirds but had to feel sorry for the poor worms! Went back to see if the Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers were still there and they were along with Spotted Flycatchers this time, at least two seen along with numerous Redstarts and a male Pied Flycatcher. It really is a good place to go as you can see them all virtually from your car. The young Long Tailed Tits were out in force and very vocal.


  1. Looking good Mick , check your E-Mail ;)

  2. Great shots as always! I particularly like the one of the curlew. Finally caught up with redstart for the year at YWT Ashberry about two weeks ago, albeit a rather dull looking female.