Friday, 28 May 2010

Better then Worse.

Cuckoo - Sheepwash, Cod Beck Reservoir.
Smardale Gill Viaduct.

Ravens nesting on the viaduct.

Dingy Skipper - Smardale.

Woodcock, Swainby.

Bluebells, Swainby.

Sylvia was looking forward to her week off school especially as she is starting to feel a bit better and then guess what - I got up this morning feeling ill!! Typical. Will try to get out and about though and hopefully see something of interest. Thought we would post a few photos we have taken when we have managed to get out over the past week.

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  1. Get well soon! I had an afternoon looking for the Black Stork around Deepdale without any luck. Horrific traffic with roadworks on A1 and horses on A66 going to Appleby combined with BH weekend.