Monday, 22 June 2009

Quiet times

Sleddale - Whitby Line

Ichneumon Fly

Black-tailed Skimmer


Hard pressed to find many birds today although there are lots of Avocets with Young along Greatham Creek. The weather was better today so the butterflies and insects were out and about again. Lots of Meadow Brown and Tortoiseshell today but getting a picture of a Meadow Brown proved difficult as they did not stay put for very long. Did manage however to get a picture of an odd looking insect which, after looking in a book, turned out to be a Ichneumon Fly. Also it was nice to find two Black-tailed Skimmers at Dormans Pool.
Decided to go and try and get some better photos of the Redstarts at Sleddale this evening but even that proved difficult when the sun went in!

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