Sunday, 14 June 2009

Orchids Galore

Corn Bunting

Green Lacewing

Common Blue

Had a trip to Bishop Middleham Quarry Today. Just as we arrived it clouded over but we had a lovely walk and still managed to see some butterflies. We also saw a buzzard overhead and our first ever sighting of a corn bunting. I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you are into orchids as we have never seen so many in one place.

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  1. I certainly agree about Bishop Middleham Quarry. A wonderful spot. In the past two years I have been there when the Dark Red Heleborine Orchids are out (July). You have to watch where you put your feet because at almost every step there are orchids of one kind or another. Great place for plants, insects and Green Woodpeckers! ;-)
    Excellent photos. Cheers Brian