Thursday, 28 May 2009

Birds in the garden

Avocet Family

Avocet Chick

Four Spotted Chaser

Well the Blackbird has made her nest behind our wheelie bin on some shelving, so I have to be pretty quiet when getting rid of my rubbish, although she seems to be getting used to me by now. The collared dove was sitting on her eggs all day, only flying off if I went into the garage, I watched her on and off all day whilst busy doing the garden. At teatime though I looked out into the garden to see a magpie tucking into an egg on the lawn! Poor Collared Dove.

Had a run down to Dormans Pool this evening and saw our first Dragonfly of the year, a Four Spotted Chaser. Also spotted a Painted Lady butterfly, Common Blue and Wall Brown.
The Avocet pictures were taken near Greatham Creek on 24th May, if you have not seen them yet it is worth a visit.

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