Thursday, 22 May 2014

Little Stint to Nightjar with some new arrivals on the way!

Started the day by going to see a Little Stint at Hartlepool Headland which was giving some good views. Then down to Saltholme which was a bit quiet but did see Garganey again. Watched on while a Mallard egg was a light snack for a Carrion Crow and Magpie.
After Sylvia had finished work we went over the moors where we saw several moorland birds with their newly arrived chicks. Also managed to find a Spotted Flycatcher which was back on it's territory.
The final visit was to a location near Sutton Bank where we Managed to hear Nightjar 'churring', a good spot as you can hear them from the car and not have to trek across moorland in the dark. A good end to the day.

 Little Stint

Fox - missed the Mallard egg
 Carrion Crow - didn't.
Magpie - cleaning up
Garganey - looking on.
 Golden Plover looking over it's young
 Golden Plover chick
Pheasant chick
 Curlew Chick
Watched over by it's parent
 Red-legged Partridge
Spotted Flycatcher back on territory.

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