Friday, 18 April 2014

The Good and The Bad.

The Good - 5 Golden Eagle sightings with two together flying fairly close overhead.  the Bad - Ventured to Iona again as we knew the sun was shining and we love it there and also decided that today would be a good day for a Corncrake to turn up.  However we didn't manage to see or hear one but read when we got back to the cottage that one had been heard today!!
Also great to watch a male Hen Harrier dipping and diving high in the blue sky and also 2 Gannets diving into the sea off Iona with a couple of Razorbill and a Guillemot to keep them company.

The Harrier photos are not too clear as the bird was so high in the sky but the contrast with the blue sky was remarkable.

Good to see a flock of 14 Turnstone at Pennyghael village.
A wren was shouting at us on Iona, presumably we were somewhere near it's nest.

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