Sunday, 18 August 2013

A selection of butterflies.

Not much happening birdwise at the moment so we have been concentrating on the butterflies when weather and time off allow.
We visited Smardale Gill on the 7th August and what a fantastic day that was.  We have never seen so many Scotch Argus as we did that day, to the point one was landing on our feet and another on the camera!  As soon as the sun got out and the heat went up then they came out but later in the day when it clouded over then they disappeared  quickly as though they had never been there.
Dark Green Fritillary
Scotch Argus
Small Skipper
Meadow Brown
Common Blue
Common Blue
Brown Argus
Small Heath
Large White
Green Veined White
Silver Y
And this moth which was also flying through the day
And this little fellow who kept running in and out of his nest.

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