Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another lifer out of the blue.

Sunday looked like being another quiet day when we got the call that a Bridled Tern had turned up at Saltholme. We drove down and arrived as an expectant crowd had gathered on the main road outside.
I dashed over to manage a quick couple of glimpses of the bird before it flew off to the N.E. and wasn't seen again, unfortunately Sylvia had missed it while she was getting the scope out of the car!!!!
We drove on down into Yorkshire calling in to Woodlands Fishery for Corn Bunting, which are more elusive this year and a trek from here to Wykeham forest to see Turtle Dove which are also keeping distant.
A good day but the Birding is still a struggle these days.................roll on better times.
Corn Bunting

Turtle Dove

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