Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sun, hail, snow then Flycatchers, all in one day!

Mick finished nights and went straight to South Gare, clear blue sky but unfortunately not many birds.  A few wheatear, Linnet, Ringed Plover and a total lack of seabirds.  We had already decided we would go up onto the moors to see if the Redstart were back when I got in from work but little did we know there would be an almighty hail shower but we still decided to go in case the sky cleared after.  Up onto the moor when it started to snow which turned to rain.  As we parked up the rain began to ease off so we sat in the car and then true to form within 5 mins. a male Pied Flycatcher appeared followed shortly by the female.  We had a glimpse of a Redstart in the same location but it flew and we could not locate it again.  There were however plenty of warbler around too.  All photos taken from the comfort of the car as it was so cold, poor birds they don't know what they have come to!!
Pied Flycatcher
 Meadow Pipit

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