Monday, 12 November 2012

Scandinavian Invasion

The Waxwing invasion has reached our area with regular sightings. The birds are not settling as well as they have done in past years but the numbers are far higher than we have seen for years. Have been checking the flocks for leg rings but up to date have not found any as yet. The feeding habits of one our local flocks is a bit strange too, the birds appear to be feeding on sap around leaf buds rather than eating berries.
On Saturday when we were having a trip to Helmsley we came across a Jackdaw with white markings on its neck suggesting it is of the Nordic variety.........only had the standard lens on the camera at the time but did manage a couple of shots. The North York moors have big numbers of Fieldfares feeding on worms in the upland fields. The local Red Grouse population has also grown their white winter 'socks' ready for winter.

Sparrowhawk (watching the Waxwing flock)
Bullfinch eating the Waxwings berries
Meadow Pipit
Red Grouse
Nordic Jackdaw

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