Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Fall Continues.

Long may it last.  There were birds galore in the misty conditions at South Gare today.  Goldcrest were plenty as were Robins and Redwings.  A small flock of twite graced the path near the parking area along with Reed Bunting and 2 Stonechat.  There were also Fieldfares, Linnet, Wren, 2 Female Blackcap and a single Black Redstart near the lifeguard station. Chiffchaff and Dunnock also with a flypast of a Red Throated Diver with a Kestrel taking the poor Goldcrest easily for it's lunch.  Poor things, travelling in these conditions to then be killed as they touched land. Life is cruel!
Black Redstart - (Poor quality due to the fog)

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