Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Cracking Day.

We decided to go and sit it out at Lockwood Beck in the hope of seeing the Osprey, which on past occassions we always seem to have missed.  We didn't have to wait long though as it was sitting in the trees when we arrived.  We positioned ourselves out of the wind on the opposite side of the lake and waited.  It wasn't too long before the bird was circling overhead very close to us and during the two hours we sat there we were rewarded by some magnificent views of this stunning bird.  We then went on to Scaling Dam and again were rewarded after a long wait with views right outside the hide of the Wood Sandpiper.  All in all a good day out.

At one point he was heading straight towards us as we sat on the picnic bench, he was definately staring us out here.
Wood and Common Sandpipers at Scalling dam
Wood Sandpiper giving some closer views from the hide.

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