Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Not everything is black and white!

Went up to the moors again today to see what I could find before the wet weather arrived. As usual the weather forecasters got their timing wrong and the wet weather arrived as I arrived at my destination.
Not to be totally put off I braved the very heavy rain and located the male Pied Flycatcher again along with a female in the area, a Buzzard braved the rain with a rapid fly through the area being mobbed by Jackdaws. The Fieldfare flock was still in the area (100+).The Nuthatches were working hard and looks like they must have young.
Moved on to another area of the moors to locate the Ring Ouzels, again the weather was like a monsoon when I arrived, but not to be put off - out of the car, into the rain and located the birds (4+) in a few minutes, then back to the car to dry off.
By this time I'd had enough...................back home for a coffee and some warmth!!!

Ring Ouzel
Ring Ouzel
Pied Flycatcher

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