Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Grand Day Out.

What a glorious day in comparison to yesterdays fiasco with the weather.  Although it was very cold at South Gare in the wind once you found a sheltered spot out of the wind it was lovely.  I sat for a while and waited until the very obliging Snow Bunting were feeding not far away, flying occasionally but coming back to feed at the same spot.  The Scaup was on the Blast Furnace Pools and the Smew was at Lockwood Beck but by the time I got there it was on the side of the lake the sun wasn't so not much good getting decent pics of that.  I did speak to some people who said they were speaking to someone who had seen and photographed an Osprey at Lockwood beck earlier in the day.
Snow Bunting
Smew in flight
Red Grouse

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