Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another Lifer

Record shots of Stone Curlew

Grey Wagtail

Juvenille Dipper

Wasn't sure what to do today as the weather forcast was not too good so decided to have a run over to Helmsley so that if it did rain as it said at least we could look around the shops. As it turned out though the weather was fine and there were hardly any people at all there when we arrived, it was lovely. We went looking on the stream through the village for the Dipper and located a juvenille which very obligingly just sat there whilst we took its photo. It was shortly joined by a family of Grey Wagtail and by this time the sun had come out and it was very warm. It was at this point we received the phone call from a friend to say there was a Stone Curlew at Haverton Hill - a bird on our list to see. We decided not to rush home but just go and see it whenever we go back which we did and got excellent, but distant views of the bird around 8pm. It was well worth the visit and a life tick for us.

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