Saturday, 12 March 2011

They came to say goodbye.


Red Legged Partridge
(Sorry Mick but couldn't resist putting these on the blog)

As I was on my way out to horseriding this morning and about to lock the back door I heard that unmistakable 'trilling'. I looked round to see about 50 Waxwings sitting in the tree at the other side of our fence, I could not believe it. I ran to shout Mick (who was still in bed) and we managed to get some photos before I had to go to the garage which frightened them off. They flew across to the field along with another flock of about 50 which must have been in the trees further along the road. It was a good start to the day and probably the last we will see of them until next Winter. Went to my favourite place - Helmsley later in the day and had a run along the road to Mardale. We saw two Buzzards, a Merlin sitting on a fence but too far away for photos. The Lapwings were back on territory on the moor along with a few curlew and there were lots of Hares in the fields on the way back. Also spotted a flock of Redwing presumably getting ready to head home too.
We are leading a guided walk tomorrow down at Greatham Creek, Seal Sands so hope somebody turns up and hope there is something to see, although at least the Avocets are back so we will be able to see them.

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  1. A lovely place and nice capture!

    Kah Wai