Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunshine after the rain.

Merlin on the rocks.

Merlin on the beach.



It was pouring down when Mick came home from work but I had been in the house all day and needed to make the most of the days left before the return to school so we decided to go to South Gare in the hope the rain would ease off, and it did. There did not appear to be too much about but we had a walk along the beach when something shot past us and landed on the beach, it was a Merlin. It sat for quite a while before flying off. We then came across it again sitting in the evening sun on the breakwater rocks, it did not even seem that bothered about us being there. A very impressive bird. On the way back to the car we located a Whinchat and a few Meadow Pipit not far from the Bomb Hole. All in all a very productive evening.

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  1. Hi Mick and Sylvia. You last photo is of a Sanderling not a Dunlin :)