Sunday, 18 April 2010

Redstarts, Ravens, Red Squirrels and Tawny Owl.

We decided to go for a nice relaxing walk today, not expecting to see much in the way of birds so were pleasantly surprised. We headed off to Kirkby Stephen and Smardale Gill. The weather was overcast but reasonably warm and windless. On the walk to the viaduct we could not believe how many willow warbler were present along the track, their continuous call never ceasing along the way. On the approach to the viaduct we saw three buzzards circling overhead and could hear raven calling and saw two on the hillside nearby, one visibly ringed as can be seen in the photo. A red squirrel climbed in the trees as we looked down into the valley and a female goosander flew overhead. We crossed the river further along and walked back along the hillside where we had excellent views of a Tawny Owl and also 3 Redstarts which made our day.

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