Saturday, 20 February 2010

Owl Delight

Little Owl
Terrible Picture! - Happy Couple



Golden Plover

Hen on the hills.

Peacock on the wall.

Marsh or Willow Tit?

Roe Deer

Determined to enjoy the beautiful weather today before Sylvia goes back to school on Monday. Managed to get shots of a Roe Deer along the road to Swainby early morning then had excellent views of a Sparrowhawk and a G.S. Woodpecker whilst having coffee at Scugdale. Then we decided to go somewhere we had not been for a while and after lunch had a run towards Reeth and over to Tan Hill. There was still a fair bit of snow on the tops but the roads were clear and dry. The only grouse we could see on the run to Tan Hill were Red but we did manage a Black Grouse on the road back down beyond Stang Forest which was a bonus as we thought we had blanked on them for the day. Also saw another two G.S. Woodpecker along there as well as a flock of Lapwing with 5 Golden Plover and a Hare enjoying the last of the sun. Before we got home we went to see if the Little Owl were on their territory and were rewarded with two sat at their hole and a third further up the road, a good end to a good day.

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