Saturday, 17 October 2009

A Cracking Bluethroat


Eastern Rosella Parrot
Purple Sandpiper

Marsh Tit

Heavy Seas at the Headland

After a stressful week at school one of our birdwatching ambitions was achieved today seeing a Bluethroat in Hartlepool and a male at that. Had a brilliant morning horseriding at Swainby and having checked on Birdguides when returning home at lunchtime I could not believe one was present at Olive St. in Hartlepool. Got sorted out and shot across quickly (probably picked up a few speeding tickets on the way) and was pleased it was still present when we arrived and showing well. We even saw the resident parrot while we where there. Hope tomorrow is as good a day as today - will have to go out and about again so the housework etc. will have to wait again but what the heck, you only live once so might as well enjoy ourselves while we can.


  1. Fantastic images!!!!!! A great bird as well. I was so glad I was at Dorman's Pool and we received a call that there was one about 15 mins away! We met a fellow yesterday who is a member of DBC and he had been a member since the club was founded and he said he had never seen a Male Bluethroat in Durham since he joined the club!

    So in a way I feel fortunate to have seen it.

  2. Sylvia was made up seeing the Bluethroat - the male was her main target bird and didn't think she would ever see one. I think we were all lucky to see it. Don't know what will be my next target bird (although Sylvia wants to see Shore Lark and Red-flanked Bluetail.
    **The Bluethroat was not re-located on Sunday so it looks like we were'very' lucky.**