Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rain, rain and more rain.

The Lizards appear quickly in the sunshine.

The first time we have seen a family of 5!
Presumably the sheep fell in the rain to attract two Golden and Two White Tailed Eagles!
A male and female Wheatear
A family of porpose near Duart Castle from the shore.
Is this a Dunlin or something else?
A Dunlin.
Oops a duplication and I can't get it removed!

Loch Buie in the sunlight.
The road to our cottage was flooded.
It makes the waterfalls look good, even the ones that are not usually there!

Poor cattle, so wet!

They enjoy a moment in the dry.

The swallows are getting ready to go back and we don't blame them!
Even the Razorbill was calling about the weather.(He wanted more rain - not possible)
A Spotted Flycatcher on a good day.
A Dipper on a wet day.

About 60 Dunlin flew onto the beach one day.

They were very obliging birds.
So cute.

2 Weeks on Mull. Have not been able to get on the internet until today, probably too much rain for the signal to get through!!!!!!!!! Actually the sun is shining at the moment but dare not blink or we might miss it.
Posting some pictures, one of the road the day we had floods and could hardly get back to the cottage and a few of some of the birds and wildlife we had seen inbetween the showers over the past week or so.


  1. What a wide selection of great Images.
    Brilliant stuff.

  2. looks as though you have had the same crap weather we had in ayr mick , total nightmare !!!! , picked up a 450D yesterday , well pleased with it :) , still managed some good shots despite the weather though i reckon :)